Taking Off the Super-Parent Cape

You might know supermom. You might even be her. I am—well, I was Supermom until chronic illness forced me to take off my invisible cape.

My secret

Once upon a time, I had a secret that few people knew. Behind my perfect façade, I was sick and exhausted. I was losing sleep, setting highly ambitious schedules and goals, and overwhelming myself—all things that aren’t a good idea with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and fibromyalgia.

The natural law of “something has to give” eventually took its toll on me. And I realized I didn’t have the ability to bend time or do things without effort. I was a just a mom with a chronic illness and no superpowers.

A different kind of super parent

Raising children when you are also living with a chronic illness makes you a different kind of supermom or superdad. Every day you deal with symptoms that impact your mood, energy, and physical well-being—all symptoms no one can see. It might be difficult to give up control of your super-parent duties, but something has to change or your world will come crashing down.

Let yourself off the hook and stop beating yourself up for not always being able to live up to the ideal you once established for yourself. You have to give up the super-parent narrative and the idea that you can do it all.

You can’t.

Read the rest at Diabetic Connect.


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