5 Ways to Be Productive With Chronic Illness

Learn how to keep a schedule and get things done despite chronic pain.

5 Ways to Be Productive With Chronic Illness

Being productive is important for people with chronic illness because it is an opportunity to focus on anything but their illnesses. However, schedules and goals can be difficult to accomplish when you are constantly dealing with symptoms. But just because it may be challenging to be productive with illness doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Here are five ways that help me to remain productive with chronic illness.

1. I maintain a daily schedule.

Being chronically ill can be unpredictable. I never know whether tomorrow or next week or even an hour from now I will be able to do what I planned. As soon as my symptoms attack, my schedule can change. But just because a daily schedule may not always fit into my life, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have a schedule. In fact, maintaining a daily routine for my work, errands, household chores, and hobbies provides feelings of stability despite the chaos and uncertainty illness often brings.

Read more at http://www.chronicpainconnect.com/chronic-pain-articles/310-5-ways-to-be-productive-with-chronic-illness#EMcWQ59lHxEY3zWf.97


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