Understanding Bursitis and Tendinitis and the Higher Risk for Arthritis Patients

Arthritis increases your risk for bursitis and tendinitis

Understanding Bursitis and Tendinitis and the Higher Risk for Arthritis Patients

Bursitis and Tendinitis are two very common musculoskeletal conditions that cause swelling around the bones and muscles. Bursitis is usually caused by overuse of a joint or direct trauma to a joint. Often, it occurs at the knee or elbow and can be a result of kneeling or leaning for long periods on hard surfaces. Tendinitis is most associated with repetitive movement or injury to the affected areas. Both these conditions are common as we age when tendons become less flexible and more prone to injury. Infections, diabetes and arthritis can also bring about inflammation that causes bursitis and tendinitis.


Bursitis is a condition that affects the bursae. The bursae are the pads that act as cushions between the tendons, muscles and bones. The most affected joints are those that perform the most frequent movement, such as elbows and shoulders. Bursitis can also affect other parts of the body, including the feet.

Read more at http://www.arthritisconnect.com/arthritis-articles/613-understanding-bursitis-and-tendinitis-and-the-higher-risk-for-arthritis-patients#Db44yOWiiYCYhDIK.99


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