5 Types of People We All Meet Living With Chronic Illness

From skeptics to know-it-alls to helpers, here are the people you face as you live with fibromyalgia and how to deal with them.

5 Types of People We All Meet Living With Chronic Illness

No one knows your chronic illness better than you do, yet you find that everyone has an opinion about what you are going through.

I have been chronically ill for almost seven years now and the most life-changing aspects of my chronic illnesses have been linked to specific types of people. I have found that others are responsible for some of the best lessons I have learned — good and bad — without even knowing it.

Here are five types of people we all meet living with chronic illness.

Type 1: The Skeptics

I look perfectly healthy. I could sit across from someone for hours and they may not see a single symptom raging behind my chitchat and smiles. I can feel well and productive for hours and then be curled up in pain, nauseated, dizzy and weak for the next several hours or days. That is difficult for most people to understand, imagine or even believe. And living with chronic illness, chances are you have dealt with people who refuse to believe you are sick or the extent of how sick you are. How do you deal with the skeptics in your life?

Be clear and confident when you address the skeptics and never apologize for their doubt. If people continue to question you, the best thing you can do is not share details of your health with them. If they are more trouble then they are worth, feel free to remove them from your life altogether.

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