Chronic Illness: Five Solutions So You Aren’t Overwhelmed

Don’t ignore your chronic illness

Chronic Illness: Five Solutions So You Aren’t Overwhelmed

I know first-hand how overwhelming life with chronic illness can be. It is a struggle just to get out of bed every morning. You live with the understanding that there are just some things you can no longer do. Too many look of us at the future with uncertainty and do not have enough people in our lives who understand our daily struggles.

For long time, I felt that living with chronic illness made surviving daily life a struggle. It was overwhelming to keep up with my housework, errands and job and to be there for my kids. But, with time, I have developed my own set of solutions to keep myself from getting overwhelmed and these have become a way of life for me.

Here are five solutions that have benefited me as I live with chronic illness and manage its effects on my busy and often hectic life.

Solution #1

Choose Not to Be Critical

Be kind and good to yourself and learn not be critical. Many of us experience an internal dialogue struggle and we don’t always realize that it’s in our power to make that dialogue positive. Think about it this way: We would never be critical of the people we love and we don’t even talk that way to strangers. Learning not judge yourself harshly, encouraging yourself and acknowledging your achievements are amazing gifts. Offer yourself compassion and kindness to cope with the emotional effects of chronic illness. I understand that we are all busy people with jobs and families but loving you and offering compassion to oneself doesn’t require you to do anything physical or difficult.