7 Tips to Improve Communication with Your Rheumatologist

Building a relationship with your rheumatologist can be beneficial for you and your doctor

7 Tips to Improve Communication with Your Rheumatologist

Arthritis patients do best when they have a rheumatologist they can communicate well with. A strong doctor-patient relationship can improve patient outcomes, promote a better quality of life and increase compliance with treatment.

Your rheumatologist only has an average of about fifteen minutes to spend with you during your visit and if communication is lacking, the experience can be confusing and frustrating. Here are seven tips to help you to improve communication with your rheumatologist.

  1. Prepare. Before your appointment, write down the concerns you want to share with your rheumatologist so that your conversation is focused and your concerns are addressed. You should also carry a list of all the medications you are taking because you cannot rely on memory. Your list should include all prescribed medications, over the counter medications and any supplements and vitamins. Before leaving your rheumatologist’s office, take a look at your notes to make sure you’ve covered everything.



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