Improving Self-Esteem While Living Chronic Illness

Don’t let a chronic illness take over your life.

Improving Self-Esteem While Living Chronic Illness

There have been many occasions where I thought, “If I could only feel good, my self-esteem would be so much better.” Like many living with chronic illness, I find that being sick and in pain makes me frustrated at my body for working against me. Moreover, the medications I take to manage my diseases can cause some pretty awful side effects. Medication responses, such as skin problems, hair loss, puffy face and weight gain, all affect my self-esteem.

Chronic illnesses can lower levels of self-esteem and self-worth. Years of living with illness, pain and fatigue make it difficult to achieve life goals. Being sick can make it impossible to be self-sufficient and happy, thereby resulting in feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. When we feel worthless and/or helpless for long periods, depression is inevitable. And with depression come higher levels of pain and increased disease symptoms.



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