Spirituality Helps People with Chronic Illness

How can spirituality help you?

​Spirituality Helps People with Chronic Illness

Individuals practicing spirituality or religion are reporting better physical and mental health than those not practicing. Further, studies show that spirituality improves health outcomes for people living with chronic illness. In fact, one study out of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center showed that those who attended religious services weekly live longer than those who don’t. Another study from 2011 out of the University of Missouri reveals that religious and spiritual support helps both men and women cope with chronic illness.

How Spirituality Can Help the Chronically Ill

Practicing mediation or prayer can help chronically ill patients cope with pain and disease symptoms. Spirituality enriches a connection to God or another higher power and helps patients to manage challenges in a healthy and meaningful way.

When you find meaning in your experiences with being sick, you can experience a better quality of life despite the fact that your disease may be incurable. Moreover, spirituality helps us to better understand the world and our role in it. When we utilize spirituality or religion as tools to coping with illness and pain, we can better identify with the ways in which chronic illness changes our lives.



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