Ten years of looking answers and a diagnosis taught me two very important things: (1) how to advocate for myself and (2) how important it is to educate myself. Any time I come across newly diagnosed patients, the advice that I give them is educate themselves and advocate for themselves. This is something that no one can do for you. Furthermore, chronic illness and pain is a serious thing and if you do not believe that it is serious, then you are headed to a long road of complications. That is why it is so important to care of your body, educate yourself about your condition or conditions, and to work successfully with your medical providers. It is also important to be willing to make lifestyle changes and to take your medications and/or supplements. All of this starts changing your attitude and behavior and if you are not willing to take that first step, you are not going to be successful in your short and long-term care.

What things have done to take charge of your health?

What types of failures and successes have you had?