Do You Know the Benefits of Yoga for Arthritis Patients?

There was a time when doctors told people with arthritis not to exercise. They figured if something hurts, you are better off moving it. However, that belief has change in recent years because new research has shown that inactivity is the worst thing for a person with arthritis. If you are sedentary, you will get more degeneration and if you already have arthritis, joint pain and dysfunction is likely. To keep your joints strong and healthy, you have to use them. When joints are not used, they become unstable and there is a higher chance of injury and more pain. Regular and general movements help the joints to maintain their mobility and reduce pain. This also offers a benefit to the rest of your body’s systems. Regular exercise will help increase blood circulation (that also reduces swelling and pain) and promotes better functioning of the immune system.

Yoga is an excellent way to help you deal with the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis pain. Yoga can provide pain relief for arthritic joints by creating more mobility in the joints and increasing flexibility while stretching and strengthening the muscles around the joints. Yoga techniques also help to prevent and minimize the erosion of cartilage that causing joint pain and swelling.



One thought on “Do You Know the Benefits of Yoga for Arthritis Patients?

  1. I practice Yoga since two year, nearly three now, and it’s helping a lot with my Sjogren syndrome. I have explain to the teacher what I have, so she knows I can’t do some posture. But it still helping me.

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