Fibromyalgia and Language Impairment

Do you ever find yourself searching your mind for words you just can’t remember? Just this morning, I was telling my son to take out the garbage and I could not find the right word. I was saying, “Sweetie, grab the-the-the——.” I ended up pointing to the garbage bag to get my point across. 

If you have problems speaking, writing and/or understanding language, you are not alone. Language impairment is a symptom of brain fog which we know is associated with fibromyalgia and one of its most major symptoms. 

Language impairment has a major effect on a personal’s emotional state because the social impact that it causes. The only way we deal with language impairment is to find effective ways to cope. For example, if you have speech issues, you could consider email and text as often as you can. Also, explain to those closest you that this is a symptom that affects you and ask them to be patient and help you out when you are struggling with your words. At work, request reasonable accommodations such as participating in tasks in writing rather than verbally. 

Language impairment is a symptom that eventually gets better through fibromyalgia treatment and management of the disease, and learning to cope effectively.



One thought on “Fibromyalgia and Language Impairment

  1. It’s really frusrating when it happens, when I have that I know it’s the signal that I need some rest, it’s like a red alarm to say “STOP”. Usually I forget the beginning of my sentence before ending it.

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