How Relaxation Can Help Fibro Symptoms

As a fibromyalgia sufferer, you know how stressful of a condition it is. Pain and discomfort interfere with your daily activities and has a major effect on your quality of life. You’re forced to adjust your life to accommodate your symptoms and you are tired all the time.

All these things can negatively impact your professional and personal life, which in turn causes stress and anxiety for you. It becomes a vicious cycle because stress and anxiety make your fibromyalgia symptoms worse. When your body is mentally and physically stressed, this results in more physical discomfort.

It is important to learn to deal with and cope with daily stress and anxiety in proactive ways, and that involves finding ways to relax your emotions. There are things you can do to relieve daily stress and to prevent it from worsening your symptoms. Here are some examples:

  • Take a walk. You can do this alone, with a friend or with your dog. A walk outside will help to relieve stress and anxiety and the fresh air will make you feel clearer and allow to escape from whatever specific issue has brought about your stress and anxiety. Clearing your thoughts whether alone or with a friend can allow you to look at your situation in a different way.
  • Put on some music and sing and dance. This will allow you a temporary way to forget about your worries. Happy music and movement creates happy thoughts and the physical activity is good for me.
  • Listen to music that relaxes you. This will dispel your stress and anxiety because your heartbeat will conform to the relaxing music so try something slow tempo.
  • Smile and laugh out loud. Psychology research shows that even if someone is in a bad mood, smiling and laughing gives way to a more positive attitude. Even a forced smile can turn into a natural one, a better mood and less stress.
  • Enjoy a warm beverage like tea or coffee. Warm liquids always soothe the mind. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine because they make stress worse.
  • Volunteer. As we all know, helping others makes us feel better about ourselves. Besides, your own problems may seem small compared to those of others.
  • Make “No” a part of your vocabulary. Allowing yourself to become overcommitted is stressful in itself and you don’t need any more stress and anxiety in your life. It is also important to make time for yourself.
  • Get moving. Exercise, yoga or any other aerobic activity allows you to control your breathing and relax your mind and your muscles. Endorphins from aerobic activity will allow you to feel more energized thereby reducing your stress levels.
  • Talking to a friend or even to God, if you are religious. A friend might help you to resolve some of the anxieties you are feeling or offer some experience. Talking and/or praying to God will help to get some pressing issues off your mind that you would not otherwise share with anyone in your life.

As a fibromyalgia sufferer, it is important to manage the daily stress that comes with the condition. It is important for you to take control now rather than later because uncontrolled stress influences every aspect of your well-being and adds a negative toll to your health.

What things do you do to help yourself deal with daily stress and anxiety?


2 thoughts on “How Relaxation Can Help Fibro Symptoms

  1. Music, tea, and cat ! That’s what help me to relax. Taking care of my two furball. It helps. But you’re so roght that we have to avoid stress and find techniques to helps us. Yoga is changing my life !

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