Having a Social Life Despite Chronic Illness


I know that this is an area that a lot of us do not like to discuss. How is maintaining a social life even possible when you are always sick and in pain? Your healthy friends may try to understand and support you, but they still have a social life and that is nearly impossible for you on most occasions.

Despite your many obstacles, it is important to have a social life. This is because dealing with your condition and its unpredictability is not something you want to go at alone.

Some things to consider:

• Your true friends will try to understand your condition and support you so they will understand your limitations when it comes to your social life so don’t cut yourself out completely.

• Know that you are not your disease and your disease is not you. This distinction is important and it might help to remind yourself of this.

• Let you friends know when you are unable to be a part of something but also let them know that they can still ask you to participate.

• You should have two sets of friends, those with chronic illness and those without. It is important to separate your identity so that chronic illness is not a constant reminder of your limitations.

What other reasons are important to having a social life when you have a chronic illness? Have you been limited by your chronic illness when it comes to having a social life? How have you been able to overcome some of these limitations?



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